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Tajweed Al-Quran - Children's Version

Tajweed Al Quran​

With Mohebt Alrahman

"Whoever recites the Qur’an being skillful in it will be with the honorable messengerangels. And whoever recites the Qur’an with hesitation as it is difficult for him will have a double reward."

(A ḥadīth narrated by alBukhārī, Muslim, at-Tirmidhī and Ibn Mājah.) for every Muslim whose love of the Qurān and want to read it in correct way with the help of Allah swt nothing is impossible.

  • Choose between Children and Adult versions of the book.

  • Children (and adults) learn all about the Rules of Tajweed with the help of simple, colorful illustrations.

  • Recommended for readers of all ages.

Available only as a hard copy.


Tajweed Al-Quran - Adults' Version

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