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Garden of Knowledge is currently working on their new curriculum for January 2023

Please stay tuned for further updates.

Our Teachers

Imam Safwan Eid

Imam Safwan Eid is the son and student of renowned Theologian, Dr. Imam Talal Eid. He holds a Master’s degree in Islamic studies & Leadership from Bayan- Claremont School of Theology as well as bachelor’s degrees in Economics and Women studies from The University of Massachusetts. Imam Safwan, in addition to his work as a Religious Director, founded several local Interfaith organizations and has served as an Executive Director, Youth director, Accountant and Chaplain. He currently serves as the Director of Religious Affairs & Youth Development at The Muslim Center of Greater Princeton. 

Ustadh Yusuf Hussain

Ustadh Yusuf is the co-founder of the Garden of Knowledge and regular teacher here since its inception, having taught courses in Arabic from a beginning to intermediate level, Hanafi fiqh, Principles of Hadith classification,  Sciences of the Qur'an and multiple courses in Islamic Theology.   When not teaching, Ustadh Yusuf is busy studying at the Al-Salam Institute where he is currently a 5th-year student pursuing his 'Alim degree, having earned multiple ijazas or licenses to teach in Islamic theology, Arabic Grammar, Arabic Morphology, Arabic Rhetoric, Seerah, Qur'anic Legal Tafsir, Principles of Hadith Classifications and Sciences of the Qur'an.   Prior to that he studied with various other scholars in multiple fields.    Ustadh Yusuf has also served in the past on the Religious Committee, Religious Programming Commitee and Scholars Committee at MCGP.

Ustadh Lavon Brown

Ustadh Lavon L. Brown is a Brooklyn Native and resident of the state of New Jersey. He has been formally studying the sciences of Islam for over ten years with various teachers and institutions.  He has studied several beginner to intermediate texts in Arabic, Aqidah and Maliki fiqh with several teachers and institutions including Shaykh Muhammad Mendes and Seekers Guidance.  Ustadh Lavon is currently a resident student at Fayda institute. His teaching experience includes teaching beginner Arabic grammar with Garden of Knowledge Academy for two years.   He has also served as an assistant and substitute teacher for Shaykh Mendes’ Garden of Knowledge class in Maliki fiqh for the fall semester of 2020 and Spring semester of 2021.

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