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Shaykha Abeer Mahmoud Mohamed



Religious Scholar 


Shaykha Abeer is an avid Islamic scholar with a deep interest in

Qur'anic studies. Her highest achievement is her attainment of

Ijaazah in the Ten Qira'at of the Qur'an, certified by the

Honorable Al-Azhar University. In addition to this Ijaazah, she has

received the following certifications:


  • Ijaazah in Memorization of the Qur'an - Hafs 'an Aasim

  • method (certified by the Honorable Al-Azhar)

  • ljaazah in Itqan Al Qur'an Al Kareem

  • ljaazah in Sahih Albukhari

  • ljaazah in the 40 Hadith Nawawy

  • ljaazah in Tayseer Alulaam in the Explanation of Umdat


  • ljaazah in Matn Tuhfatul-Atfaal

  • ljaazah in Matn Aljazariah, among numerous other

  • certifications and licenses issued and authorized by the

Honorable Al-Azhar.



She pursued further studies at The Institute for Da'wa and Islamic

Studies in Alexandria, Egypt which has led to the following

academic certifications:


  • Alsiraa Alnbawiyaa

  • Fiqh Al-Hadith

  • Fiqh Al-Sunnah

  • علم الوقف والابتداء :The Science of Stopping and Starting

  • Ulum Al-Qur'an: üláll pets

  • Accent & Tajweed: taille will

  • The 'Aqeedah First

  • Al Arba'oon Al Qur'ania


Currently, when not reciting or studying the Qur'an herself,

Shaykha Abeer will be regularly delivering lectures and audio

presentations on various topics including Tadabbur (Reflection &

Contemplation on Quran), Hadith & Seerah to an audience of

her students and other members of the Muslim community. She

continues, through her website and YouTube channel, to

devote her time, knowledge and expertise to helping others

gain and expand their knowledge about Islam, Qur'an and

Sunnah; she has authored multiple publications including a

series on Mutashabihaat Al Qur'an and several illustrated

children's series. Her website and YouTube channel are filled

with audio and video content aimed at teaching children and

adults how to recite and understand Qur'an.

  • Certificate on tafseer al quran under tafseer  altahreer watanweer (Tafsir Ibn Ashur) 

  • Tafsser alwajiz for abil hassan alwahdi)

  • Ouran reflection 

  • Cerrificate for relation between tajweed and tafseer alquran


Written a lot of book  in relation to the Quran 

Mutshabehat alquran for people to memorize 

  • Tajweed book

  • Story Of  tajweed

  • Juzaa amaa by translation and wird by word by picture and transliteration 

  • Kitab al salah 

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