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Director of Religious Affairs &Youth Development


Imam Safwan Eid, of Lebanese descent, was born and raised in Quincy, Massachusetts. As a young boy, he was the apprentice of his Father, Shaykh Dr. Talal Eid. He would spend his days alongside his father in the Masjid, they would perform funerals, Ghusl and Janaza together, he would accompany him for marriages, classes, interfaith events, and chaplaincy visits, experiencing first hand all the qualities that make a great Imam. 

After High school, he traveled to Lebanon where he studied the Arabic language and culture. Upon his return, he continued his studies with several local scholars under the mentorship of Shaykh Talal Eid. While studying at the University of Massachusetts, he became the Executive Director and associate Imam of the Islamic Institute of Boston. He also became the Youth Director at the Islamic Society of Boston Cultural Center under Imam Suhaib Webb and later became an instructor for New Muslims under Shaykh Yasir Fahmy. After  graduating with Bachelors degrees in Economics and Human Rights, he moved to Michigan where he was the Imam of the Islamic Center of Saginaw. During his tenure in Michigan he served on the Michigan Imams Council, co-founded Interfaith Saginaw, and instituted a beautiful culture of service and scholarship for his community. 


In 2020, he completed his Masters in Islamic studies and leadership from Bayan Graduate school. Under Shaykh Jihad Brown, he completed his Thesis, “From Ijma’ to Ijtima’, Towards Developing Institutional Ijtihad in North America”, which centered the language of consensus used in Imam Malik’s famed Al-Muwatta. 

Imam Safwan’s fields of study and practice are centered in a rigorous translational project to develop an indigenous, God-Centric community founded upon sound scholarship and a profound commitment to the vast Islamic tradition. His first love as a student of knowledge was always Quranic Exegesis (Tafsir & Tadabbur). His passionate interests and expertise include Islamic Spirituality, Islamic Law and Jurisprudence, Rational Theology, Logic and Philosophy. He also has a long history of chaplaincy and counseling, having served as the Muslim Chaplain at Boston Medical Center and the greater Boston area for several years. Imam Eid is also known for his beautiful marriage sermons, Pastoral counseling and much more. 

In 2021, he became the Director of Religious Affairs at the Muslim Center of Greater Princeton. Imam Safwan is currently, the Resident Scholar and Executive Director of The Muslim Center. He lives in Plainsboro with his wife Sima, and two daughters Maryam and Hanadi.

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