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Director of Religious Affairs &Youth Development

The Muslim Center of Greater Princeton warmly welcomes you to explore the distinguished profile of Imam Safwan Eid, our Director of Religious Affairs and Resident Scholar. A beacon of Islamic scholarship and leadership, Imam Safwan is a paragon of the virtues we cherish most deeply: profound knowledge, unwavering service, and dynamic community engagement. His commitment illuminates our path as we strive to foster a community rooted in understanding, spirituality, and collective growth.

Academic Credentials and Mentorship
  • Bachelor’s Degrees in Economics and Human Rights: Awarded by the prestigious University of Massachusetts, these degrees reflect Imam Safwan's broad academic interests and his dedication to understanding complex societal issues through the lens of Islamic ethics and universal human rights.

  • Master’s in Islamic Studies and Leadership: Completed at the Bayan Graduate School, this advanced degree signifies Imam Safwan's deep engagement with Islamic scholarship. His thesis, “From Ijma’ to Ijtima’, Towards Developing Institutional Ijtihad in North America,” under the mentorship of Shaykh Jihad Brown, showcases his innovative approach to Islamic jurisprudence and community leadership in the North American context.

  • Mentorship with Dr. Hamada AlTalib: Imam Safwan's studies under Dr. Hamada AlTalib, an assistant professor of Psychiatry at Yale and founder of the Muslim Mental Health Journal, have enriched his understanding and application of mental health principles within the Islamic community, emphasizing the importance of integrating psychological well-being with spiritual care.

  • Primary Student of Dr. Shaykh Talal Eid: His close mentorship with Dr. Shaykh Talal Eid, a pioneering scholar who published comprehensive research on marriage, divorce, wills, and custody in the Muslim American context, has deeply influenced Imam Safwan's perspectives on family law and community services.

  • Engagements with Renowned Scholars: Imam Safwan's academic journey has been further shaped by his engagement with giants in the fields of philosophy and theology, such as Shaykh Jihad Brown, and contemporary Islamic scholars like Dr. Mohammed Fadel, Dr. Sherman Jackson, and Dr. Jonathan Brown. These interactions have facilitated a rich dialogue between traditional Islamic teachings and contemporary societal challenges, enhancing his scholarly and practical approach to Islamic leadership and community guidance.

Professional Journey

Imam Safwan has served in various capacities, enriching Islamic communities with his wisdom and leadership:

  • Executive Director and Associate Imam at the Islamic Institute of Boston, where he played a pivotal role in community building and spiritual guidance.

  • Youth Director at the Islamic Society of Boston Cultural Center, demonstrating his commitment to nurturing the next generation of Muslims.

  • Imam of the Islamic Center of Saginaw, Michigan, where his leadership fostered a culture of service, scholarship, and interfaith dialogue. His co-founding of Interfaith Saginaw is particularly noteworthy for promoting understanding and cooperation among diverse faith communities.

Areas of Expertise

Imam Safwan's scholarly pursuits are diverse, covering several key areas of Islamic studies:

  • Quranic Exegesis: Profound engagement with Quran study and interpretation, central to his spiritual and academic identity.

  • Islamic Spirituality and Law: Deep understanding of Islamic ethics and jurisprudence, guiding the community with adaptability.

  • Rational Theology and Philosophy: Rigorous exploration of Islamic intellectual traditions, addressing existential and ethical issues.

  • Mental Health and Counseling: Compassionate counseling approach, informed by extensive chaplaincy experience and mental health studies.

  • Interfaith Dialogue and Leadership: Demonstrated commitment to interfaith understanding and community service, highlighted by founding Interfaith Saginaw and leading diverse Islamic centers.

Vision and Contributions

At the Muslim Center of Greater Princeton, Imam Safwan's leadership is defined by his dedication to fostering a knowledgeable, inclusive, and spiritually vibrant community. His approach to Islamic education and leadership is both innovative and rooted in the rich traditions of Islamic scholarship.

Personal Life

Imam Safwan's personal life is a testament to his values, residing in Plainsboro with his wife Sima and their daughters, Maryam, Hanadi and Sondos.

His role as a family man complements his professional endeavors, reflecting the balance and harmony he seeks to inspire in our community.

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