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About Us

The Muslim Center of Greater Princeton was established more then 20 years ago.  We started off in a small one room office space which allowed the few Muslim families in the area a common place to pray.  The vision of the founders was always to expand the center as the community grew to more than just a place where people come and pray.  They wanted to create a space for their kids, family, neighbors and friends to come and strengthen the ties within the community.  Over the years the center expanded and we moved into a bigger office space and then even a bigger one!  This was the time when the Institute of Islamic Studies was established as the prominent Muslim center in the Mercer county area of New Jersey.  


The center started to grow and offer additional services such as educational space for a weekend school for kids in KG - 9, a place for sisters to come together and share ideas and learn about their faith, religious lectures, youth groups, guest speakers, community volunteers, interfaith activities and many other services.  As we continued to expand and grow we needed a dedicated space and were able to purchase land and fund raise through our community to build our new mosque and community center in West Windsor.  

The new center gave us a fresh start and we established the Muslim Center of Greater Princeton.  The new center not only allows us to continue to provide a space for the Muslim community to practice and learn about their faith but also a community center where people from all backgrounds and faith are welcomed.  We wanted to provide our kids and future generations a center where they can learn to be model citizens while also helping them understand their Muslim identity.  

Our members are active in various community activities, local events, food drives, non-profit campaigns and a wide variety of services around the globe.  We invite you to join us and be a part of our community!  

Who We Are

Welcome to the The Muslim Center of Greater Princeton!  We are a diverse community center located in Central New Jersey.  Our values are driven by the Islamic faith and our center offers a variety of religious and community programs.    We encourage you to learn more about the center by visiting us, attending one of our events or participating in of our community programs.  

Our primary purpose is to establish a center for those who practice the Islamic faith and to build a community where people of all ages, backgrounds and faith can come together as human beings so they can learn from each other.  Our center aims to be a beacon of light for the community by practicing the teachings of Islam.  Our members are model citizens through their charity work and efforts to build bridges within the community.  


MCGP dedicates many of it's resources and time on the youth in our community.  This is our future and the leaders of the next generation for MCGP!  We aim to provide a modern facility for our youth to learn about their religion but also strengthen their friendships and give back to the community.

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