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Ramadan 2021/1442

The Muslim Center of Greater Princeton would like to wish you and your family a very happy and blessed Ramadan!  Please review the details below as we are still taking pre-cautions due to the COVID-19 pandemic.  Our goal is to make sure our community has a safe place to worship during this blessed month and we ask all community members to please follow all guidelines and volunteer directions when on-site.  

InshaAllah the first day of fasting will be on Tuesday April 13.  

Important Announcements

There will be on-site taraweeh prayers at MCGP this Ramadan, beginning Monday, April 12th after Isha.  We plan to hold a full 20 rakah.  Please review the details below before attending the on-site prayers.  Anyone praying on-site is required to pray with a mask and follow all rules for social distancing.  


200 person capacity indoors (main prayer-hall and MP1) on first-come basis (50 dedicated capacity for women).    The three side doors on both sides of the prayer halls will be opened to allow for adequate ventilation.   In addition to the 200 just mentioned, MP2 (upstairs hall) will dedicated to vaccinated guests (with prior proof of vaccination) with preference for elders. Unfortunately, there is no capacity for youth below 12 years old.  After the first 200, anyone with proof of vaccination will be allowed to go up to MP2, which is not well-ventilated.

To summarize, the first 200 get the option of praying inside in the main prayer hall and MP1.   After that, anyone with a proof of vaccination will be allowed to pray upstairs in MP2, with a preference for elders given.  The rest (due to limited capacity as a result of  implementation of CDC guidelines) will need to pray outside. The administration will try its best to make it as easy and comfortable as possible for those praying outside. 


There are 2 outdoor patios available for use.  Each patio has a capacity of 30 guests so we will accommodate a total of 60 guests.  
In the parking lot under the solar panels we can approximately accommodate 180 guests.  
We will be testing outdoor audio but at this point outdoor guests will need to rely on their phones for the zoom broadcast of the Taraweeh. Outdoors guests will be allowed indoors after 8 rakaats.

No outdoor/personal rugs allowed inside.


Two armed security guards will be present for the safety of those praying.


Please park at the Shopping mall and not on street and avoid using other neighboring property for parking/u-turn.  
Parking onsite will be constrained due to area under Solar Panel dedicated for prayer space.  
Professional Security will be onsite along with trained MCGP security Committee personnel.  


There will be no iftar planned inside and strictly no food allowed indoors.  Beverage station will be along walkway outside in front of mimbar.  We ask that you do not congregate in front of the beverage stations and follow all social distancing guidelines.  


Bathroom usage will available but constrained for social distancing.  We ask that you make wudu before you come for prayers. 

Donate & Support MCGP

We highly encourage all community members to please donate to support MCGP this Ramadan!  Donations can be made via Venmo, PayPal, Zelle and other methods!  Visit our donation page for all details and donation links! 

Ramadan & Taraweeh Calendar

Download the MCGP Ramadan Calendar below with prayer times & the Taraweeh Schedule.  

Traweeh Prayer

Webinar ID: 811 2080 3828

Dial: 312-626-6799

Stay Connected

Make sure to stay connected to MCGP this Ramadan!  To receive the most updated information about all of our programming, please stay connected using the various outlets below: 

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Text Message Alerts - Text MCGP to 33222.  Go to your text message app in your phone.  In the phone number section enter 33222.  In the message section enter MCGP and then send the message.  You will automatically be subscribed.  

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