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Jumma Prayer Time

MCGP will hold Eid prayers on Wednesday June 28th on-site at the mosque.


Prayer times will be at 7am (Takbeerat 6:45am), 9am (Takbeerat 8:45am) & 11am ( Takbeerat 10:45am).


We urge guests to bring their own shoe bags for more efficient check in & exit.


Check us out on Athan+ for live prayer times !

MCGP Calendar of Events

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Garden of Knowledge Spring-Summer classes have started as of Sunday, May 12.

Donation Boxes

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Who Are We?


Welcome to the The Muslim Center of Greater Princeton!  We are a diverse community center located in Central New Jersey.  Our values are driven by the Islamic faith and our center offers a variety of religious and community programs.    We encourage you to learn more about the center by visiting us, attending one of our events or participating in of our community programs.  

Our primary purpose is to establish a center for those who practice the Islamic faith and to build a community where people of all ages, backgrounds and faith can come together as human beings so they can learn from each other.  Our center aims to be a beacon of light for the community by practicing the teachings of Islam.  Our members are model citizens through their charity work and efforts to build bridges within the community.  


MCGP dedicates many of it's resources and time on the youth in our community.  This is our future and the leaders of the next generation for MCGP!  We aim to provide a modern facility for our youth to learn about their religion but also strengthen their friendships and give back to the community.

Our Services


Five Daily Prayers

Jummah Prayers

Family Friday Night

Taraweeh Prayers

Guest Speakers

Quran Reading Circles



Interfaith Activities

Community Service

Hunger Van

Ramadan Iftar

Free Medical Clinic

Food Drives

+ More


Weekend School KG - 9

Adult Education

Sisters Quran Class

Post Isha Halaqa

Fajr Micro Halaqa

Quran Academy

+ More


Young Muslims Group

Basketball Court

Game Room 

Youth Lectures

Cook Off

Youth Iftaar

+ More


Providing Adult Education in the classical Islamic Sciences including Arabic, Fiqh, Aqeedah, Qur'an and Hadith


Quran Academy offering various Hifz and reading programs. 


Weekend school for KG - 9 offering Quran, Arabic & Islamic studies 

Muhsen Needs Assessment Survey

If you or your family member has special needs, we want to accommodate you! Muhsen specializes in helping masjids do that. Filling out Muhsen’s survey will give us insight into our community‘s needs.  Please put “MCGP” as the name of your masjid. MCGP will not be able to see your identity but will receive your data InshaAllah. 

*Please Note that your response will be seen only by MUHSEN. Your identity will be kept confidential. Our Privacy Policy for your information at


The Muslim Center of Greater Princeton needs the support from our wonderful community!  We offer a variety of donation options so for more details please visit our donation page.  

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