New Premises For Muslim Center of Greater Princeton

Assalamu alaykum,

My heartiest CONGRATULATIONS to our loving and amazing community. After two decades of planning and waiting for our own Masjid and community/youth center, Alhamdulilha, we’ve moved into our beautiful masjid last Sunday, March 18th, 2018 for our first Isha Salat. The excitement and celebration of the community was memorable. We’re planning for a formal open house for the community, neighbors, interfaith friends and State/local officials and date will be announced soon, insha’Allah.

It has been a long, drawn-out and exhausting process and finally, Allah (SWT) has rewarded us with this beautiful gift for our patience and perseverance. Honestly, the completion of this ambitious project would not have been possible with out the support, generosity and dua’s of our wonderfully inviting community, dedicate board/shura members and volunteers and very generous donors. I would like to sincerely thank the Board Members and Building Committee for their tireless efforts of many years in building this “Masha’Allah” Masjid. My special thanks to project coordinator brother Khairul Alam, architect brother Ashraf Ragab and contractor brother Hasan Hussein.

Our journey has started 23 years ago when Dr. Shafiq Ahmed founded the Institute of Islamic Studies and youth center in a small office space in 1995 with about 12-15 families which has grown into a vibrant community of over 300 families and growing. I’m very proud to be a member of this community since 1996.

Today, we’re fortunate to have a well-known scholar, Shaykh Adeyinka Muhammad Mendes as our full time Imam and Resident Scholar. Imam Mendes is already working on a number new programs and initiatives which will bring new families and specially youth to our Masjid. We would like our center to be bustling with numerous activities for all ages seven days a week.

At Muslim Center of Greater Princeton, we believe that the values Islam teaches us are not only compatible with the positive American values but are the foundation for a balanced life. Spirituality, knowledge, justice, service, compassion, respect, tolerance and brotherhood are all building blocks of a strong and loving community.

May Allah bless our community with sincerity, knowledge, tolerance and unity, and living our beautiful Deen in our daily lives. FAITH IS IN THE ACTION!

Now, I would like to appeal to our community to take ownership in this Masjid and Community Center and volunteer actively and donate generously for the successful execution of our programs/activities for the benefit of our members and our youth.

We welcome ALL to learn more about our programs and activities.

Jazak’Allah Khayrun,

Tahir Zafar

Chairman of the Board

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