Qur'anic Understanding 3-Year Arabic Certificate Program FAQ

What is this program all about?

This program is designed to make you feel more connected to the Qur'an by being able to comprehend its meanings

How will it make me feel more connected to the Qur'an?

Through understanding the vocabulary and having a basic knowledge of grammar and rhetoric you will have a more intimate grasp of what is being conveyed, rather than having to resort to a translation

What is the basic curriculum for the program?

Year 1 will concentrate on common vocabulary (about 400-500 words) and basic sentence structure with an introduction to some grammatical concepts also known as Nahw.

Year 2 will concentrate on adding another 400-500 words and cover the subject of Sarf, or word patterns and derivations

Year 3 will concentrate on applying knowledge from Years 1 and 2 to a selection of about 150-200 Quranic passages and also highlight rhetorical concepts.   Another 400-500 words will be added.

What is the cost for this program?

To ensure the commitment of the students their will be a yearly 100$ cost will all proceeds going directly to the MCGP Masjid.    No one will be turned away if that fee is a problem though.    

What are the pre-requisites for the course?

You should be able to read Arabic without too much difficulty

When is the course offered?

Sundays from 12-1pm (onsite with online support) OR Mondays from 8-9 PM (Online only)

Where can I register?   

You can register here

How many weeks out of the year will class be held?

About 40-45 weeks

How will I remember whatever I've learned after 3 years?

By keeping in touch with the Qur'an.   We'll also look into offering more advanced courses.

Where can I find out more about the program?

You can email academy@themuslimcenter.org

I can't come in person to the masjid, will there be online options available?

Yes, there will be both a hybrid and online-only option available

I can't take the class this year - will I miss my chance?

We plan to offer each level (1-3) going forward after this year, so you will be able to enroll next year

What about the instructors - where can we get their bios?   Are they all qualified?

We will be uploading them shortly.   All of our instructors have studied for several years and are capable of teaching Year 1.   Years 2 and 3 will be taught by more senior instructors.

What happened to the old ARB100,101 etc classes?

Those are being replaced by this program.    We felt that students were less interested in investing a lot of time in learning the detailed rules of grammar and morphology and wanted a more immediate improvement in their connection to the Qur'an.   To that end, we have shifted the focus slightly to learning more vocabulary while at the same time not neglecting the basics of grammar etc.

Why do I need to learn Arabic when there are so many translations of the Qur'an available?

You don't need to, but doing so will allow you to enjoy listening to the recitation in a more meaningful and impactful way.

When I tried taking the class before I found it too difficult.

One of the improvements we are trying to make it to add a weekly review session with practice drills so that the previous week's material is more readily absorbed.   Instructor support will also always be available

I won't be able to make every class, should I still take the class?

Absolutely, we'll have recordings and slide decks for each week uploaded and readily available